Dealer Spotlight… Mainely Scooters! Sales and rentals in Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Mainely Scooters Sign

The Boothbay Harbor Region has an an exciting new addition to Maine’s scooter scene!
Mainely Scooters opened it’s doors officially the first of June.

Oak Street Provisions

Located at 43 Oak Street, Mainely Scooters is housed in the lower level of Oak Street Provisions. This cute little market sells wonderful coffee, fresh local seafood, wine, and other necessities.

Rental Scooters

Out front you’ll see a rental scoot or two up on the sidewalk and the stairwell to the right of the store leading down. At the bottom you will find the quaint and humble workshop/office that is Mainely Scooters.

Mainely Scooters Ofiice

Mainely Scooters Shop

Test Scoot

Greg, the owner, sales and rental consultant, mechanic, chief cook, and bottle washer, offers 50cc rentals, sales of any size scooter carried by his distributor, and repairs. Thus far rentals have been on track with the season but sales have exceeded expectations. Seems people try out a scooter and suddenly they are hooked and have to own their own.

Rentals start at a low $20 for an hour and decrease the longer you rent it. Staying at a campground for the week? Currently you can rent a scooter for $200 for the week. Hauling a passenger costs $10 more per day. All rentals include a safety briefing, scooter familiarization, helmet, 1st tank of gas, and sales tax. On the subject of helmets, Greg got his hands on some really cool helmets for the rental business. In fact when I got there he was cleaning and polishing them. (They are fully cleaned and sanitized after each use.)

Rental Helmets

Requirements for rental include being 21 with a valid drivers license, valid credit card, and $400 refundable deposit. Passengers must be a min. of 14 and if you take the scooter off roading you bought it. Seems like reasonable rules to me.

Red 50 cc Scooter

As for scooter sales Mainely Scooters is a dealer for a major importer of Chinese built scooters. They concentrate on 50 cc scoots as that is what most people desire but can and will get 150 cc + 250 cc machines, and even ATV’s for their clients.

It’s mechanical aptitude that counts with Chinese scooters and in this regard I was very impressed with Greg. He does a full and complete PDI (pre-delivery-inspection) on each and every scooter he sells. He replaces all fluids, the spark plug, vacuum hoses, fuel filter and more. Tests the electrical and fine tunes the carburetor. More importantly he has the ability and background to diagnose any ailment the scooters might possess. I would feel very confident buying from him. Plus for what he provides his costs are reasonable. New 50 cc scoots start at $875. This is not shipped to your house, unassembled in a box scooter, this is a for a fully running, tested machine. Even folks from further away have realized the value Greg offers and driven hours to get one from him.

Requirements for scooter purchase include full pre-payment with a 5-7 day waiting period. I know this sounds unreasonable but Greg is a one man new business and can’t carry a large inventory of new scooters just yet.

I think his business model is a smart one and the only one that guarantee’s longevity. That model is pay as you go. Greg refuses (and I applaud him for it) to accrue debt to sustain his new venture. He is earning as he goes and re-investing his profits. He admits it was quite a learning curve. Insurance, business licenses and zoning permits, State Motor Vehicle Dealer License, every step was a new and challenging hurdle. I applaud him for having the courage to go for it and wish him the greatest success. Having friendly demeanor, high intelligence, and youthful appearance that deceptively masks decades of experience I believe he will do fine. Want to know or more or follow the newest developments? Check out Mainely Scooters Website

So what about Boothbay Harbor? I’d be pretty remiss in my duties if I didn’t at least show a bit of this great part of the Maine Coast. I mean you’ve rented or bought the scooter… now what? Answer: Take a ride and explore!

Boothbay Harbor Map

Boothbay is a large region with lots of secondary roads, low posted speed limits, tight corners, and lots of shops, restaurants, museums, entertainment and more. In other words, perfect scooter terrain!

You can check with one of the Boothbay Information Centers, Chamber of Commerce, or just Google search it but you’ll not soon be bored here.

Some highlights include the downtown area with it’s shops and restaurants..

Boothbay Downtown

Boothbay Village

The Boothbay Opera House

Boothbay Opera House

and one of my personal favorites and the kids too…. The Boothbay Railway Museum. Here you can ride on a real steam powered narrow guage train, see great rail and local exhibits, and tour the large vintage car museum.

Boothbay Railway Museum


All in all a great day, met new people, and saw American entrepreneurism at work.

As always ride safe,


The End!


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