Road Trips…Owl’s Head Lighthouse

I know what your thinking. Aaron’s posted two road trips and they they are both lighthouses. Well I’ve noticed something about my family and other local families as well. We all know about the local attractions. Be it Thunder Hole in Acadia, the Farnsworth Museum here in Rockland, or just pick your spot. How often do we as natives actually go there? We get caught up in work, family obligations, little league, fixing the homestead, whatever.

This is what’s great about a scooter. It’s not a “big production” to don a helmet and go for a jaunt for an hour or two as a personal recharge or stress reliever. What better time to sneak away to local attractions and just enjoy them for ourselves. Not playing “tour guide” to friends and family just scootin’ off for some plain old serenity.

Located in Owl’s Head (Duh) The Owl’s Head light is less than 10 min. by scoot from my house. Take Rte. 73 out of Rockland, bang a left on N. Shore drive in Owl’s Head, take a left at the Owl’s Head P.O., take your first left and follow to the end. This is what you will find.

I like to go here and climb up to the top of the cliffs and just sit. It kills an hour and let’s you contemplate life a bit. It’s an easy run for a scoot, fastest road is 45 mph and the distance is short so folks won’t get too impatient with you if your riding a 50 cc. If your ever in the Rockland area take the 10 min. side trip. It’s worth it. There’s schooners and work boats to watch, seagulls, ocean breezes, and you might get lucky and see a seal. That’s pretty rare though. Walk the beach and look for sea glass and shells. Just turn off the cell phone and Blackberry and take a short break for yourself. Be it here or at a similar place closer to home.. wherever that may be.